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Why Us?

Our goal isn't to make money off of finding love. We believe through our own experiences that finding love shouldn't be a long journey. But a fun and exciting one and meeting real people with real stories.


Easy to get started

Easy as 3, 2, 1 and your on your way to meeting thousands of people with similiar interests. With powerful search tools, you can meet anyone with any type of personality. 


Helping hands

Our users can also blog about their experiences with built in dating blogs right from their profiles. Post just like any social network and share it with the community or to certain groups or people. 


The Mingler

With a powerful built in messenger, users can experience full messaging not a limited one with features hidden behind paywalls. Search for members, video, audio, or text chat with them and get a conversation going.


Unmatched Matches

With badges to indicate who is geniune, profile meters to show who is active and who isn't, and more features to help you find that perfect match.


Meet Parties

Not ready to meet anyone face to face, well we have you covered. Our meet parties are virtual live parties where people just chat in a interactive group of other singles.


Create a profile, add a picture, some text, interests, and get a true feeling of our matching technology. The more you add, the more our match system can match you with your true match.

Different Places

Here2mingle is constantly growing with communities operating under different brands but operating all on the similar system. Meaning if you are in a certain part of the world or looking for more specific matches, then there is a smaller community built probably just for you.

Tell us about you

To get started, create a profile and tell us about who you are. A more detailed profile can get even better results. Add pictures, some personality, even videos all about you and your interests.

Take an App

Our mobile friendly app follows you where you are. So no matter where you are you can find someone in your area and start a match. Simple as downloading the app, login or register and start matching. 

All together now!

Here2mingle is apart of a growing family. We have integration with our other platforms including pictures from Pixanomy, videos and music from Meeovi, local news from Meeovi Locate, instant messaging from Meeovi Messenger, and blog from Meeovi Notes. 

Our Trust Center

The safety of everyone on our platform are our upmost priority. Profiles are moderated and your personal data is protected.

Private Mode

Users can lock their profiles to only view by certain members or those who you are interested in.

Dating Tips

With our advance help center, you can rest assure to know that someone probably has some advice from their own experiences and you can add your own to help others.


Relax Mode

With our relax mode, you will only be contacted by people that you are interested in, enable the feature in your profile settings and set your preferences.

Internet Safety

SSL, profile locking, hotlinking protection, and more keep the site secure from online threats. We also believe in providing you with the upmost safety and respect and will never sell your data to anyone. 

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